Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sab kuch chalta hai...kyu?

I'm sick and tired of the cliched, overused and overrated phrase, " arre yaar, sab chalta hai. Adjust kar le." in its various forms that almost everyone in India seems to have adopted as their personal motto in life. Whether it refers to loading about a 100 people in a bus meant for 40 , or worse yet, and I kid you not, loading 15 people in an auto meant for 3, people seem to have no problem.
What I'm puzzled by is that these same people are ready to join all kinds of stupid unions and organizations to challenge the authorities for outrageous and useless demands like a new state, or recognition of some obscure tribal dialect as a national language or just for the fun of it.
I guess the immediate problems that people have to face are too difficult to face so they simply go into denial and think about far-off, futuristic things which gives them some measure of comfort.
What they fail to realise is that the only way to improve their life is to live in the present and that means tackling their present problems as well.

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